Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentines Day 18 Freebie

Hi everyone, thanks so much for your comments it makes sharing all the more special. Speaking of special Granny Enchanted spent time by highlighting a load of my VDay freebies yesterday and I'd like to send her a big virtual hug! I was feeling abit down and blue and she brought a smile to my face. And today I see she has some lovely blue paper freebies on her site here.

Whats great about her site besides having a megaload of awesome stuff is you can choose to download 1 paper or all of them. I know I've downloaded whole packs just because I wanted 1 paper and the others don't get used, so this is a great idea Granny!
Sorry download has expired.

1 comment:

scoobie81 said...

Fun! They almost remind me of redwork! Thanks so much! Have an awesome day!