Sunday, March 11, 2012

Away for alittle while

Just a quick note to say thanks for the comments & to Granny Enchanted for highlighting my freebies.

I'll be away from my blog hopefully less than a week depends on how fast the post is. My relatively new desktop pc decided to stop working - I've learnt it's the power supply box so I had to extract it today and will send it in the post to receive a replacement from the place I brought it from. Thankfully it's still under warranty so will only cost postage.

See you when I return and if I don't you can safely assume I installed the new power supply box wrong lol. Do not fear...I took pics of during extraction so I know which wires go where but in reverse order when I install :)


Love crafts forever said...

Good luck Dee. I hope you will fix your problems fast.
Hugs Nat

Digitalscrapperbecky said...

Missing you and your beautiful creations!! Hate when computers decide to mes up. Hope they are able to get it fixed quickly for you.

Katie said...

Love your stuff so much...when you get back online...please hop on over to have something for you!!!