Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Winner to be announced

Hi everyone, a quick note to say if you've entered the Homespun Affair contest with my $50 DeeStore coupon to win it's now closed & Laurie from Homespun Affair will be validating entries & winner announced in August 1st edition of a Homespun Affair stay tuned. It's my birthday today, chores are done,  so I'm going out to spoil myself with alittle shopping & lunch with a friend. I also have a project to finish up and post as it's also my sister's birthday today, happy birthday Damaris present on it's way sorry I'm late again. (fyi we're not twins, mum just had to pick my birthday of all days to push lol)


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday from Virginia, USA
Did you rcv the e-crafter yet ? I am trying to decide, too . Please let us know how it's working out with the ecrafter.

Dee said...

Thank you Anon. No not yet it was shipped on 17th so I possibly won't see it for another 2 maybe 3 wks, but sure I'll make a post when it arrives & give my reviews on it.