Friday, July 27, 2012

New Facebook Exclusive

Hi everyone, thank you for your comments they are appreciated. My fanbase on facebook shot over the 200 recently so I thought it high time I gave you fans a new exclusive, here it is today, hopefully you won't have any issues like last time downloading, but I have tested from my personal facebook account and it worked so if it works for me it should for you :) 
I had a lovely birthday, brought a few things I probably shouldn't have but hey you only get one birthday a year so I just went for it lol...that's my excuse. My friend knows how I'm addicted to anything crafty so her presents usually are that way inclined and she got me a Xyron Creative Station it's the 5 inch one. I didn't let her know I have the 2.5 inch one but it's all good because I'll give the smaller one to the kids, they're forever wanting to borrow it or something from my craft room. 
I brought a few...well maybe abit more than a few but it was a good deal I thought 22 dies for $99.
I'll show you some photos tomorrow as the batteries are flat in my camera, so until then...

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