Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Checking In

Hi everyone, I hope this post finds you well. Since my last post my family have been unwell and last week I caught a viral infection which saw me in bed with fever for 3 days, grateful to hubby taking time off work to tend to getting kids off to school, chores and cooking because I was in no state to do those duties. Although I'm feeling much improved I may need to go back to the Drs for more antibiotics as I finish the last tablet tonight and I can tell it's not 100% cleared. Anyways I haven't scrapped since last post and probably won't for abit as it's my daughters 7th birthday this weekend and next weekend my parents visit for 2 weeks holiday, looking forward to that. So until I return take care of you :)

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Love crafts forever said...

My Dear Dee. So sorry to know you not feeling well. I hope you can back to your normal very soon.
I taking time off most of my DT blogs. Can't wait to see Doctor next week, and hopping for good news.
Hugs Nat