Friday, August 3, 2012


Hi everyone, so how has your week been? Mine? not so good, daughter was home 3 days with conjunctivitus & 8 year old son is being bullied at school :( we've already met with principal to express our concerns but still it's not a good sign when a week later it's still occurring! Today he is home with sore throat & headache, looking kind of fluey & feeling sorry for himself.
My crafting this week has been up & down...I'm working on a Christmas folio for the mother in law and realised I stuck the font covers upside down...well branches can point downward I guess lol...anyways I can't finish as I'm waiting for the perfect ribbon for it to arrive from UK. I really get quite frustrated with Australia and it's limited designs or lack of compared to other parts of the world, not to mention the pricing...lets not go there lol. But seriously it costs me less to buy & ship from US or UK than to buy just the item here. Speaking of shipping from US my Ecrafter still hasn't arrived...I'm feeling alittle nervous especially since I stumbled upon a site that gives bad reviews of company and rating of the store...(why didn't I find that before I paid & ordered, isn't that the way it goes)
Remember how I mentioned earlier this week I was going to clean & tidy my craftroom well I did with the exception of 'that''s a large cupboard takes up half a wall...but I did open it however when things started coming toward me from all shelves I quickly shut the doors and walked away without looking back lol.
My sister loved her birthday beach bag album and I loved her present to me a stunning black leather tote!
Have a great weekend everyone!
Edit* Look what decided to arrive this morning! Woohoo!!!
and of course it had to be whilst I'm knee deep in craft from 'that' cupboard lol..which overwhelmed me after an hour so I took a break and made some paper seeing as it was such a lovely sunny morning :)  and here's a pic plus showing my new bag pressie from sis. Ok now I'm back to tossing everything back into 'that' cupboard so I can play with my new 'baby' lol.

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